Uplifting North Park by amplifying pro-transit and pro-housing voices who believe that planning can increase economic equity and diversity while protecting the planet.

Our Values

We Welcome New Neighbors
  • San Diego is in a housing crisis—we’re short 140,000 homes in our region—pushing rents and mortgages up and working class families out. Our candidates are committed to welcoming families back by approving projects that build new homes in North Park.
  • We believe that anyone who wants to be part of the North Park community should be able to regardless of income. Our candidates will push for housing of all types—such as multiplex, townhomes, condos, and apartments—to ensure affordability and accessibility.

Photograph by Eli Pousson
We Believe in Transit Choice
  • Whether biking, walking, driving, or taking transit, all transportation options should be safe for everyone.. Our candidates adopt the Vision Zero mindset, to “eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all.”
  • Transit is a key component to reaching the Climate Action Plan set forth by the city—we need to promote and build infrastructure that removes barriers for people choosing alternative forms of transportation that reduce traffic, greenhouse gas emissions, and help fight the climate crisis.

We Believe in Access to Opportunities
  • By building homes for new neighbors and increasing mobility options, we are building the foundation for North Park’s small businesses to thrive and to attract new jobs to our neighborhood.
  • Increased density—especially along transit rich corridors—enables more families to take transit to other job rich neighborhoods and in reverse, for other neighborhoods to access and participate in the growing economy in North Park.

Photograph by Tony Webster